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I have noticed at times task manager says that cpu usage is 100% however when I double click task manager and sort the process by cpu usage there is no high cpu using processes, and them all added tog...


Hi, Often when watching a film or using an audio app like live or cubase my laptop locks up and the cpu meter shows a solid 100%! I can slowly get into task manager but no processes show high cpu usage. all I can do is a cold boot but even then sometimes it restarts at 100%.


Mar 16, 2008 · happend to my IE, when clicked view source instead of notepad html contents, a cmd box poped up and dissapeared, follow up a notepad.com show up on taskman, and taking over 100% cpu, scanned with...


You can't always blame slow performance on a lack of processing power or memory. Windows 10 and 8 have 100% disk usage issues, here's how to fix this.


Purpose of Csrss.exe. The csrss.exe file belongs to the Microsoft Client Server Runtime Server subsystem that is used by Windows to manage most of the graphical instruction sets.


CPU Usage Issue: Can YOU Solve it? Constant 30% CPU usage in windows 7 when idle; Virus woes.. CPU usage too high? Clean install still 100% cpu usage


For those of you with issues where you get 100% cpu usage on startup for a couple of minutes, the culprit is most likely windows updates. Disable that (use manual only) and your boot-ups will be much, much faster.


I recently wrote about troubleshooting Windows 10 freezing issues and in this post I’ll be talking about troubleshooting another fairly common issue, which is disk usage showing 100% all the time.


The McAfee security software process Mcshield.exe has multiple documented use-cases that can cause the program to take over the computer's CPU. If a user experiencing a problem with the program brings up Windows Task Manager, they may notice that the Mcshield.exe program is claiming 100 percent or near all of the CPU ...


If Service Host: Local System is using all of your resources in Task Manager in Windows 10, 8 and 7, relax! You can effortlessly fix 99% or 100% disk usage, cpu usage or memory usage taken by Service Host Local System with a detailed instruction here.