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The British undergraduate degree classification system is a grading structure for undergraduate degrees or bachelor's degrees and integrated master's degrees in the United Kingdom.


You must meet minimum grade point average (GPA) requirements to apply for most postgraduate programs at UQ. GPAs are a measure of academic performance based on the grades you received and the number of units you completed.


A projected GPA is calculated when there are ungraded and/or deferred courses in a session. It is a worst-case scenario GPA, whereby courses with no final grade are assumed to have a grade value of 0 (i.e. a failing grade).


Graduates of recognized academic institutions outside Canada should hold an appropriate bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as assessed by the University of Toronto.


The pascal (symbol: Pa) is the SI derived unit of pressure used to quantify internal pressure, stress, Young's modulus and ultimate tensile strength.The unit, named after Blaise Pascal, is defined as one newton per square metre.


Local applicants. Except for Nursing, CSU eligible applicants who are considered local based on their community college, or their military veteran status, will be offered admission if they meet the required minimum cumulative GPA, required major preparation, and the required general education courses listed.


How to Write Your Degree on a Resume. Including information about your degree in a resume can be tricky business. You might wonder where to place your education section, how to list multiple degrees, or whether to list things like dates or...


Dual-Degree Engineering Program Program Description. Through a cooperative arrangement with the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, Vassar students may earn both the bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree from Vassar and the bachelor of engineering (B.E.) degree from Dartmouth.