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Al Rajhi bank, providing Islamic personal, auto and home financial banking services and corporate banking investment solutions in Saudi Arabia.

The Al Rajhi Bank (Arabic: مصرف الراجحي ‎) (previously known as Al Rajhi Banking and Investment Corporation) is a Saudi Arabian bank and the world's largest Islamic bank by capital based on 2015 data.. The bank is a major investor in Saudi Arabia's business and is one of the largest joint stock companies in the Kingdom, with over SR 330.5 billion in AUM ($88 billion) and over 600 ...

Al Mubasher Retail...A look at our Features. With Al Mubasher Retail, managing your finances is now at your fingertips. Easy, secure, convenient and fast, this service allows you to review your accounts and make transactions wherever you are, at any time.

Al Mubasher Retail . Al Mubasher Retail is the internet banking service from Al Rajhi Bank that allows you to do most of your banking transactions anytime, anywhere with convenience and in a completely secured environment.

Opening of AlRajhi Bank Account Online. Alrajhi Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Saudi Arabia. Nowadays account opening is simplified. You can open the Alrajhi account online. In order to apply for an account, you must register with Absher (MOI Online Service) and National Address System.

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Yes, with the help of Tahweel Al Rajhi, you can transfer money to your home country very easily. E-Remittance card is a new card issued by Tahweel Al Rajhi which enables the users of Saudi Arabia to transfer money to their families back home. In this article, we are providing some guidance to use the Tahweel Al Rajhi Remittance card.

Al Rajhi Bank is perhaps one of the most conventional and orthodox banks in Saudi Arabia. It offers only a current account with no offer to earn any profit. In this article, we have given the procedure to open a new account in Al Rajhi Bank It is the biggest bank in Saudi Arabia as far […]