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Basra was, for a long time, a flourishing commercial and cultural centre. It was captured by the Ottoman Empire in 1668. It was fought over by Turks and Persians and was the scene of repeated attempts at resistance.

The Basra prison incident was an event involving British troops in Basra, Iraq.On 19 September 2005, two undercover British Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers disguised in Arab civilian garments and headdresses opened fire on Iraqi Police officers after having been stopped at a roadblock.

BASRA is the only dedicated search and rescue organization in The Bahamas. We are a volunteer group that is supported by donations, grants and legacies from all sectors of the community.

Basra. Basra Iraq breaking news and Iraqi updates today, with the latest Basra governorate news one of the largest cities in Iraq.

Basra (arabisch البصرة, DMG al-Baṣra; auch Basrah oder Bassora) ist eine Stadt im Süden des Irak.Sie liegt am Schatt al-Arab circa 100 Kilometer entfernt von dessen Mündung in den Persischen Golf und ist die wichtigste Hafenstadt des Landes.

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