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Dear Amy: I am a 53-year-old, never-married woman. I keep in shape, and I'm often told that I'm beautiful. I've had several relationships over the years but never found "the one" guy I wanted to marry.

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Ask Amy: Dad is horrified to learn there’s a gun in the house He issues an ultimatum after finding out daughter owns a .40-caliber semiautomatic. Amy Dickinson

Ask Amy: Man wonders if his best friend is in love with him. By Amy Dickinson. May 28, 2019 . Ask Amy: Kids upset by her involvement with 'stepson' By Amy Dickinson. May 27, 2019 .

Ask Amy: Hotel guest finds Do Not Disturb sign disturbing. Dear Amy: I am currently staying in a hotel, and in order to prevent the cleaning staff from trying to come in during my midday shower, I ...

Dear Amy: A year ago my husband and I went to visit his relatives for a week. At the time I was pregnant with my first baby. Toward the end of our visit, while conversing in the kitchen, my ...

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Ask Amy: Advice for the real world by Amy Dickinson. In the tradition of the great personal advice columnists, the Chicago Tribune’s Amy Dickinson is a plainspoken straight shooter who relates to readers of all ages.

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