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This issue occurs when you right-click the Start tip or press the Windows key+X keyboard shortcut, and then you use the Shut down or sign out option to shut down or restart Windows. Workaround To work around this issue, use the Settings charm to shut down or restart Windows.


How to Restart explorer.exe in Command Prompt Step 1: Open Command Prompt. Step 2: Type in taskkill /f /im explorer.exe command, then hit Enter to stop the explorer.exe process. Step 3: Then type in start explorer.exe command to start explorer.exe process.


How to Fix "Explorer.Exe" Error During Shutdown on Windows 8 Method 1 Fixing the Error Using Registry Editor. Open the "Run" dialog box. Method 2 Scanning and Removing Threats on Your Computer. Open Windows Defender. Method 3 Updating Your Drivers and OS. Go to Windows Update.


In the Task Manager window, switch to the “Processes” tab. Select the “explorer.exe” process and then click the “End Process” button. In the alert window that pops up, click “End Process.”


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1. Open Task Manager (Shift+Ctrl+Esc). 2. Click/tap on File (menu bar), and click/tap on Run new task . (see screenshot below). 3. Type explorer.exe , and click/tap on OK . (see screenshot below). 4. When finished, you can close Task Manager if you like.


The process Explorer.EXE has initiated the shutdown of computer COMP1 on behalf of user DOM12\user123 for the following reason: Other (Unplanned) The process C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE ( COMP1 ) has initiated the power off of computer COMP1 on behalf of user SHABANAGROUP\user123 for the following reason: Other (Unplanned)


Solved: I have a brand new HP Pavilion Laptop with Windows 8 64bit. I just downloaded the free update to windows 8.1. And then problems started. - 3850692