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Cover the Cornice Frame with Fabric Wrap the front and edges of the frame in upholstery batting, stapling it to the back. Cut the fabric oversized to width and length. Staple the fabric to the back edge of the top header. Fold the fabric over the front of the frame and staple it to the bottom in ...


Jan 30, 2020 · Measure the width of the window that the cornice will hang over. Add 3 inches to each side of the measurement, 6 inches total. Cut a piece of foam board to the width of the window plus 6 inches. Determine the height of the cornice and cut the foam board accordingly. This cornice is 11 inches high.


The dimensions of the cornice in this video has a Face width of 36” wide by 12” vertically, and a projection of 4”. In this video you will learn to: Explore fabric options. Measure and determine fabric yardage. Select and cut the wood frame. Cut and stitch fabric. Pattern match and join cording.


Steps: 1. Cut two side pieces to the same length and one top piece of 1x6 lumber to create a U-shaped structure. 2. Cut a piece of luan to fit over the frame. To draw a gentle curve along the bottom edge,... 3. To upholster the cornice, lay it face down on a piece of quilt batting, and then fold ...


Jan 16, 2019 · Project Costs for Fabric Covered Window Cornice: Lumber – $10.21; Corner Braces – $2.48; Batting – $0.00; Fabric – $0.00; Total – $12.69; Remaining budget – $87.31; I still have over $87 to spend on this bathroom. However, I need to purchase a new shower curtain, bath mats, add shelving and decorate.


Measure window width and add 6 inches. This is the length of your cornice. Add 6 more inches. This is the minimum length of pine board you need to buy. The board should be 1 inch thick.


1. Measure you windows. Technically, measure how much height, width,... 2. Sketch out your design on foam core. Once you have your desired dimensions,... 3. Using your Exacto knife, cut out your design . Cut out the front, sides, and top. 4. Glue it all together! I recommend Elmers glue and ...


Fabric covered window cornices add interest to rooms with texture, color, and pattern. Cornices can effectively coordinate window coverings and pull the look of an entire room together. Covering a newly constructed window cornice or an old, outdated set is a simple process that will breathe new life into your home.