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bedroom door or bathroom door is locked & you can't figure out how to get in there to unlock the door. What to do. Your bedroom or bathroom door never had a key to unlock it so you figured you ...

To unlock a door without the key, start by jamming the edge of a credit card between the door frame and the lock. Then, bend the card back toward the frame to force the lock back into the door so it opens. If you're trying to unlock an interior door that has a small hole on the handle, insert the end of a paperclip or small screwdriver into the hole.

How to Unlock a Door Without a Key. Next, take the second bobby pin and straighten it out completely. ♦ Slide the L-shaped pin into the bottom part of the keyhole, push the pin sideways or horizontally. Now, slide in the straight bobby pin in the upper portion of the hole, try to insert the pin under the pins in the lock.

Screwdriver. If your bathroom door has a button lock from the inside, and a little hole on the knob on the outside (as seen in the above video), then a screwdriver can certainly help you out. You're going to need a screwdriver with a skinny rod, because the thicker rod won't be able to fit through the hole.

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So in order to unlock a door without a key, you will have to imitate the action of the key itself. To accomplish this, you can either make use of raking or single pin picking . These are lock picking methods that will help you unlock a door without a key.

Pull the hanger toward you, and as it pulls on the latch, forcing it to retract, the knob should turn and the door should open. Note: This won’t work if the jamb blocks the gap between the door ...

Step 6. Push open the door when you feel the resistance from the lock start to give. You may have to wiggle the card and doorknob to get the right opening and it may take several tries.