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View our interactive 2014-2019 hummingbird migration and sightings map During migration, a hummingbird's heart beats up to 1,260 times a minute, and its wings flap 15 to 80 times a second. To support this high energy level, a hummingbird will typically gain 25-40% of their body weight before they start migration in order to make the long trek ...

Hummingbird Migration Map for 2020 – listing of 2020 hummingbird sightings and migration patterns (Spring & Fall). View map & download species guide. Like a lot of birds out there, hummingbirds migrate in the colder months to a warmer climate.

Hummingbird Migration Map 2020 and Sightings. The most up to date migration map. Our Migration Map is updated hourly with up to the minute LIVE hummingbird sightings posted by our visitors. Post your sightings to our hummingbird migration map for the Spring 2020.

Hummingbird Migration Map. This map is updated as hummingbirds are sighted during the spring migration in the United States and Canada. Click on the map (+) to zoom in on your area:

Interactive map of spring migration and sightings of hummingbirds in the USA & Canada in 2020 as reported by viewers of

The map has now been viewed over 6,900,000 times during the six years we have monitored the hummingbird migration! Shown below is our final map of hummingbird sightings in 2019 across the U.S. and Canada, as reported by our website viewers. Sightings posted to the map do not represent exact locations, addresses or coordinates; sightings are ...

Welcome to! We would love for you to contribute to our migration maps for hummingbirds and orioles. Click one of the two links below to view the migration maps and submit your first sightings.

Hummingbird Migration is the flight to and from their Winter homes in Mexico and Central America.See our state by state hummingbird migration map/table listing the average arrival dates.Some interesting observations how climate change is affecting the Hummingbird Migration!

The Web's premier place to learn about hummingbirds. Google has stopped offering free, anonymous use of its map API, which partially automated the location of sightings by zip/postal code using a utility a smart fellow wrote for me (and which I do not understand).

Migration Maps . Information is presented on the amazing process of hummingbird migration in the spring and fall of each year. We monitored the Spring 2020 hummingbird migration with the help of our viewers as they submitted their first hummingbird sightings in their areas.