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If you have a Poison Emergency, please call 1-800-222-1222. This national poison emergency hotline number connects callers to the closest/local poison center. Ohio residents are serviced by one of two regional poison centers located in Columbus and Cincinnati. Call the Poison Center first!


The "Be Poison Smart!"® Program provides poison prevention education to health care providers, students, parents and the general public in cooperation with agencies such as the Ohio Department of Health, Head Start and the Ohio Hospital Association. Organization Director/President/CEO: First Name: Marcel J. Last Name: Casavant, MD FACEP FACMT


All poison centers can be reached by calling the same telephone number, 1-800-222-1222. Poison centers are staffed by pharmacists, physicians, nurses and poison information providers who are toxicology specialists. FIND YOUR LOCAL POISON CENTER


The Cincinnati Drug and Poison Information Center (DPIC) offers guidelines for emergency response to poisonings. If a poisoning is suspected, do not hesitate to call the poison control center, 513-636-5111 or 1-800-222-1222.


Program the poison control center number – 1-800-222-1222 – into your home and cell phones so you have it handy when you need it. The numbers every parent needs. Find You Local Poison Control Center | Safe Kids Worldwide Skip to main content


If you or your child has a poison emergency or you have a question about poisons and you are in the United States, call 1-800-222-1222. This 24/7 toll-free number will connect you with a poison control center in your state. If your child has collapsed or is not breathing, call 9-1-1.


When you call 1-800-222-1222, your call will be routed to the Poison Center that serves your local area. Your call will be managed by a Poison Specialist who is a registered nurse or pharmacist. Your call will be managed by a Poison Specialist who is a registered nurse or pharmacist.


For a POISON EMERGENCY call: 1-800-222-1222. ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES. This national hotline number will let you talk to experts in poisoning. This is a free and confidential service. All local poison control centers in the United States use this national number. You should call if you have any questions about poisoning or poison prevention.


Poison control centers offer free, confidential, expert medical advice 24/7 through the Poison Help Line,1-800-222-1222, and our new online, interactive tool, PoisonHelp.org.


Learn the Poison Prevention Jingles Learn the Poison Help jingle in English or Spanish. Use it to teach the U.S. poison control number 1-800-222-1222! There are 55 poison centers in the U.S. Your call will be routed to the center that serves you, based on your area code and exchange. The jingle is available for download.