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Feb 18, 2013 · RAM sticks, known for their chip creep and random failures, are among the more annoying pieces of hardware to pinpoint as the source of a technical issue. Before you start digging around in the tower, it's best to start with a quick and free memory check via Windows.


MemTest86 is the original, free, stand alone memory testing software for x86 computers. MemTest86 boots from a USB flash drive or CD and tests the RAM in your computer for faults using a series of comprehensive algorithms and test patterns.


To launch the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, open the Start menu, type “Windows Memory Diagnostic”, and press Enter. You can also press Windows Key + R, type “mdsched.exe” into the Run dialog that appears, and press Enter.


How to Test Your Computer's Ram. Random-access memory, also known as RAM, is a data storage tool in computers. Data stored on RAM circuits can be retrieved in any order at any time.


Download your free copy of MemTest86 here for USB or CD ISO ... PC Test Kit - Everything you'll need to test a PC; Memory Benchmarks - Performance of Memory Modules .


MemTest is a RAM tester that runs under Windows. It verifies that your computer can reliably store and retrieve data from memory. A correctly functioning computer should be able to do this with 100% accuracy day in and day out.


Free benchmarking software. Compare results with other users and see which parts you can upgrade together with the expected performance improvements.


How to Test RAM on Your Computer. Testing of RAM (Random Access Memory) allows you to know the exact space available in your computer and the need for memory upgrades.


Upgrade your portable storage with our range of USB flash drives. Find prices, specs and customer reviews to help choose the best device for you.


Our goal is to provide an up-to-date and completly reliable version of this software tool aimed at memory failures detection. Memtest86 ... I can test and debug ...