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If you haven’t experienced the luxury of getting into a heated car during colder months, or a cooled car when the weather is hot, you should consider getting a remote starter. Not only is it convenient to turn on your vehicle with the click of a button, there is the added benefit of better engine health as a result of allowing your car engine to warm up a few minutes before driving.

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Standard car starters are designed for use with stock engine components, and may fail prematurely if you have a high compression engine that requires more cranking amps than the starter that came in your car. For increased reliability, use a high performance car starter in your high performance car.

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A. Remote car starters should work in most types of weather. However, your remote starter may not work in the following situations: Certain car anti-theft systems are active. The hood is raised. The transmission is not in park. The battery charge is low. The Check Engine light is on (Usually the last two apply only to OEM-installed remote car starters.) Q.

Not Getting a Remote Car Starter With the Proper Feature Set. Remote car starters offer a lot of convenience options. Be sure to ask the right questions when buying your starter. Some models are simply what they sound like: a remote car starter, and nothing more. They start and stop the vehicle from a distance.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Remote Car Start System. Range. All remote starters list some sort of range, usually between 500 and 3,000 feet. The number cited refers to ideal conditions; that is, it’s the range you’ll see without walls and other obstructions in the way. Engine speed sensing.

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