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How to get embroidery effect satin stitch in photoshop or illustrator Example:-

In this Photoshop tutorial, learn how to use Layer Styles to create a gel text effect, then save the effect as a preset Layer Style to apply to other text!

In this tutorial, I will show the process I used to create this realistic frozen text effect in Photoshop. We will be using a number of ice textures and custom brush to achieve this effect.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create lava or magma text effect in Adobe Photoshop using layer styles and textures. You will obtain a hot fiery text effect with molten rock lava in just a few easy steps.

Bevel and Emboss The Bevel and Emboss effect adds a highlight and a shadow edge 180 degrees apart from each other. When you adjust the height or angle settings of the light, the two move in sync, and this can be used to create an illusion of depth.

Learn how to work with preset and custom layer effects and styles in Adobe Photoshop.

Create a luxurious super glossy golden text effect using layer styles, a filter, and a simple brush.

How to Create a Hellraiser Inspired Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop Author: Tuts Plus Added: 01-05-2017 How to Create a Glamorous Calavera Portrait in Adobe Photoshop Author: Tuts Plus Added: 01-04-2017

I am not a fan of horror and macabre genre but I must say that for digital artists it is a great inspirational theme. I too have created some dark horror Photoshop tutorials for practice.

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