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Smooth earth snake from Madison County, Iowa

Haldea striatula (formerly Virginia striatula), commonly called the rough earth snake, is a species of nonvenomous natricine colubrid snake native to the southeastern United States

Common Snakes of Texas: If you wanted a state with a little bit of everything to offer, Texas would be the place to come to. There’s plenty of desert here which, let’s face it, we’ve all come to associate with snakes, and on top of that there’s a rich and diverse series of habitats to provide the perfect home for a number of snake species.

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Once you have figured out the family, a second pair of characteristics can help you narrow down which genus of colubrid you might have. These are 1) the texture (smooth or keeled) of the dorsal scales (these are the relatively small scales that cover the snake's entire back and sides) and 2) the condition (single or divided) of the anal scale or anal plate (the scale covering the cloaca).

Found in the northern regions of Florida. Photo by Matthijs Hollanders (

Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Snake eggs & baby snakes. It is a common misconception that snakes build nests for their eggs. Only one species of snake, the king cobra, will build a nest ...

The eastern coral snake (Micrurus fulvius), another venomous snake, is the only Georgia snake from the Elapidae family. Unlike pit vipers, the venomous eastern corals have round-shaped pupils.

FAMILY BOIDAE (boas and pythons) Boidae is a large family of snakes that includes all five of the world's giant snakes. Boids are an ancient family that are characterized by a mixture of modern and primitive traits.

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