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Texas A&M Gmail is the official email for all Texas A&M University students. Faculty can request an account to collaborate with students. Staff eligibility is determined at the department level. Accessibility.


Texas A&M University Rules and Policies apply to the administration and use of this service. Specific to the use of email are the following rules and standard administrative procedures: 29.01.03.M0.02 - Rules for Responsible Computing; 29.01.03.M3 - Incidental Computer Use; Security Control AC-5, Separation of Duties; Requests for information


Users should refer to Texas A&M University Standard Administrative Procedure 29.01.03.M0.02, Rules for Responsible Computing, for guidance on the appropriate use of Texas A&M University information resources.


Texas A&M Gmail is the official email system for all Texas A&M University students. The email application is part of Google Apps at Texas A&M, which also include Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Groups, Google Sites and Google Hangouts. All students receive an account with an unlimited data quota.


Email. Mays has migrated to the Texas A&M centralized email system known as TAMU Exchange. All new Mays email is being delivered to TAMU’s Exchange server. You will need to make connections to the new server (computer and mobile devices) using these directions.


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