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Follow Ten Ton Hammer In this Paragon Tier List we present the latest rankings for competitive Player versus Player. In line with our ever popular Heroes of the Storm Tier list, this page will always show the latest updates every patch, or every month depending on movement.


Khaimera is a favorite Hero of mine in Paragon and is quickly becoming my most played. Although he's classed as a fighter, he's assassin-like in the way that he approaches a fight and despite his kit suggesting he's all about sustain he actually plays quite the opposite: get in, get kills, get out.


In fact, many consider him to be the worst Support Hero in Paragon. Although he brings a stun, a movement speed buff and an Ultimate that causes a slow and a knockup, he's under-tuned right now. His speed boost isn't that fast, his stun no greater than Dekker's and his heal - which is what most people have an issue with - is downright terrible.


Follow Ten Ton Hammer Overview Paragon is a third person MOBA that utilises free aiming and many of the systems you would associate with the likes of League of Legends or DOTA 2.


Overview. Countess is a melee assassin (or burst mage, as EPIC love to define her) that excels at killing single target Heroes quickly. In many ways she functions similarly to Kallari but fares far better than her peer for a variety of reasons.


Welcome to /r/Paragon. Paragon was a 3rd person MOBA from Epic Games. It was in Open Beta on PC and PlayStation 4 from March 2016 until Paragon's servers shut down on April 27th of 2018. Our unofficial guide! Subreddit Rules. Users are expected to behave maturely and respectfully.


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