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Mim.exe is a background process for Musicmatch Jukebox that is run when Windows starts. It decreases the load time of the Jukebox application upon running, and it handles most of the functions called by the GUI mmjb.exe. Yahoo! purchased Musicmatch in 2004 and subsequently rebranded the software as Yahoo!


Mim.exe process in Windows Task Manager The process known as mim belongs to software Musicmatch Jukebox by Musicmatch (www.musicmatch.com). Description: Mim.exe is not essential for Windows and will often cause problems.


mim.exe is a safe process Can I stop or remove mim.exe? Many non-system processes that are running can be stopped because they are not involved in running your operating system. mim.exe is used by 'Musicmatch Jukebox'.


The mim.exe process is also known as mim and is a part of Musicmatch Jukebox. This software is produced by Musicmatch (www.musicmatch.com). An obsolete or defective version of mim.exe can cause problems for your computer that can range from slowness to error messages such as these: mim.exe has stopped working.


mim.exe is a Microsoft or Windows process but some versions of this exe carry viruses. Learn more about protecting yourself from bad versions of this file with PC Matic.


If you're getting missing mim.exe file errors or other errors with the mim.exe file we suggest that you re-install the program, uninstall and re-install a more up-to-date version, or check to see if any updates are available for the program associated with the file instead of attempting to copy a new version of the file to the computer.


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However, I have to end the process for mim.exe every time I use TDK UniFi. In early versions of MM 10 you could remove the mim.exe from your system but now this causes MM not to start up anymore. I don't like mim.exe because on my computer it causes my cd/dvd players not to refresh anymore.


mim.exe is part of Musicmatch Jukebox. By default it automatically loads in the background when your computer boots up. Musicmatch currently does not provide a way to turn this off in the application preferences. It's likely the background application is not shutting down properly during your reboot operation,...


What is mim.exe? It is a process file from a program called Musicmatch Jukebox, used to rip and burn CDs. How the structure of an atom determines its properties?