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Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable supports Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later, Windows XP, Windows XP Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2003. Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 contains Windows Installer 3.1 and therefore can't be installed or upgraded by this redistributable.

Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 is an installation service and application configuration for Windows 2000 and XP. It can manage applications with an MSI extension. This means that they are packed with an executable file for the software's installation and configuration.

Windows Installer 3.1 now correctly handles the scenario where a minor update package is installed when an obsolete or superseded patch also exists. Windows Installer 3.1 now supports application of patches for packages that have large numbers of files. (Sequence column of File table includes values larger than 32767.)

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The Microsoft® Windows® Installer (MSI) is the application installation and configuration service for Windows. Version 4.5 of the Windows Installer has several new features, including: Multiple Package Transaction: In a multiple package transaction, you can create a single transaction from multiple packages.

Need Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 free software download. Question how are we suppose to know which ram to pick if we dont know the gains or benefits?

I need to know this since this is a pre-req for .NET 3.5 and if I'm including the .NET bootstrapper, I should also see if Windows Installer 3.1 is needed. Right now I'm checking for the registry k...

Windows Installer is Windows' resident software that is responsible for installing processes as well as updating and removing applications. Developers can use it to author a setup file that consists of a single installation package. Additionally, your files, folders, registry keys, and new accounts are also safer with this program installed on your PC, thanks to its MsiLockPermissionsEx feature.

Windows Installer (previously known as Microsoft Installer, codename Darwin) is a software component and application programming interface (API) of Microsoft Windows used for the installation, maintenance, and removal of software. The installation information, and optionally the files themselves, are packaged in installation packages, loosely relational databases structured as COM Structured ...

Search for Windows Installer in the Services windows and look at the Status. If the status of the service is stopped then start the service by right clicking on the service and select Start. If you don't find the service them I suggest you to run the Windows Update to install the pending updates. Step 2: Check for pending updates.