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File Name: l3codeca.acm

File Version:

File Location:%windir%\syswow64\l3codeca.acm

Product Name: mpeg layer-3 audio codec for msacm

Product Vendor: Unknown

Product Description: mpeg layer-3 audio codec for msacm

Aug 17, 2015 · l3codeca.acm: but I'm no expert on mp3. Did you upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 or was it a new install. I believe that if you had mp3 codecs installed in ...


Most recent updates 11-27-2020 (This version WILL NOT be released to the public) 3.66 Bug Fixes Added AUTOCHK.EXE 5.1.2600.5512 Windows XP SP3 Added FILE64.DLL + FILE64.VXD 4GB file size limit rloew patch Added IMAGING.DLL 5.00.2210.1 WinME CD (Image Preview) Added SATA + SATA.INF rloew patch Added SHIMGVW.DLL 5.50.4134.100 WinME CD (Image Preview) Added WDMEX.VXD rloew patch Fixed TIMEZONE ...