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What is mfevtps.exe? The genuine mfevtps.exe file is a software component of SYSCORE by McAfee LLC. "Mfevtps.exe" is McAfee LLC's "Validation Trust Protection Service", part of the "SystemCore" common to multiple McAfee For Enterprise products, including VirusScan Enterprise.

MFEVTPS.exe uses an increasing amount of memory. This issue occurs despite having installed Hotfix 660014, which was released to address a specific high memory usage issue with MFEVTPS.exe. The same symptoms still occur due to a Microsoft update to CRYPT32.DLL.

What you should know about mfevtps.exe McAfee Process Validation service. mfevtps.exe is not part of Windows, but it is important nonetheless. The file mfevtps.exe is found in the C:\Windows\System32 directory. Frequently occurring are file sizes such as 141,792 bytes (12% of all these files), 172,416 bytes as well as 16 other variants.

Causes of Mfevtps.exe Errors. Mfevtps.exe problems can be attributed to corrupt or missing files, invalid registry entries associated with Mfevtps.exe, or a virus / malware infection.. More specifically, these mfevtps.exe errors can be caused by: Corrupt Windows registry keys associated with mfevtps.exe / McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012.

If you're getting missing mfevtps.exe file errors or other errors with the mfevtps.exe file we suggest that you re-install the program, uninstall and re-install a more up-to-date version, or check to see if any updates are available for the program associated with the file instead of attempting to copy a new version of the file to the computer.

Service - mfevtps.exe runs as a background Windows service called 'mfevtp' (McAfee Validation Trust Protection Service). This service runs as the SYSTEM account with extensive privileges on the local computer, and acts as the computer on the network. McAfee Validation Trust Protection Service runs as a program that can be started by the Service Controller and that obeys the service control ...

How to get rid of mfevtps.exe? I am using windows 8 laptop and sadly it came with preinstalled mcafee advertisment. So I got rid of it all, but this spyware stayed, and it constantly runs process called " McAfee process validation service".

There are 36 versions of mfevtps.exe in the wild, the latest version being SYSCORE. It is started as a Windows Service called 'McAfee Validation Trust Protection Service' with the name 'mfevtp' and described as “Provides validation trust protection services”. .

McAfee process MFEVTPS.EXE consuming CPU. 0. ... (Configure viruscan not to monitor Splunk directory and process) and yet when Splunk starts up McAfee process MFEVTPS.EXE cpu goes up. Is there any reason? cpu. Question by elusive [Splunk] ♦

I just ran MVT to make sure my 3-User McAfee Total Protection Home (Not Enterprise) was functioning correctly. Everything is OK with the exception of one missing file (mfevtps.exe). Every function of McAfee Total Protection is working just as it should, no problems yet MVT reports that I am missing the mfevtps.exe file.