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File Location:%systemdiskroot%\server\apache\modules\

Product Name: apache http server

Product Vendor: apache software foundationapache http server

Product Description: expires_module for apache

#This is the main Apache HTTP server configuration file. It contains the # configuration directives that give the server its instructions. # See <URL:http://httpd ...

2006 February 19 How To Control Browser Caching with Apache 2. If you are like me, an up and coming network geek, you probably thought that browsers automatically cached a site's assets and media as you went through it and looked at each page.

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WebDAVモジュールの組込み確認 # vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf # # Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) Support # # To be able to use the functionality of a module ...

I have configured ssl on the port 8090. My httpd_conf file is following. ServerSignature On ServerTokens Full # # ServerRoot: The top of the directory tree under which the server's # configuration, error, and log files are kept.

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# In the standard configuration, the server will process httpd.conf (this # file, specified by the -f command line option), srm.conf, and access.conf

How to install latest apache on CentOS? How to configure it and do basic hardening? Full tutorial covers installation and setup httpd on CentOS.