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File Name: msosync.exe

File Version:

File Location:%programfiles%\microsoft office\office14\msosync.exe

Product Name: microsoft office 2010

Product Vendor: microsoft corporationmicrosoft office 2010

Product Description: microsoft office document cache

Information fichier msosync.exe . Le processus Microsoft Office Document Cache appartient au logiciel Microsoft Office Shared (version 64-bit Setup, 64-bit MUI) 2010, 64-bit MUI 2010, 64-bit MUI 2013) ou Microsoft Office Professional Plus (version 2010, 2013) ou Microsoft Office Access Setup Metadata MUI ou Microsoft Office (version 365 - en-us, 365 ProPlus - en-us, 365 - de-de) ou Microsoft ...

"You can't disable it and if you remove it from start up it still loads up anyway. All you can do is open task manager and end the process for MSOSYNC.EXE, pretty lame I ...


From the PowerPoint FAQ: Microsoft Upload Center - what is it, why do I want it and what if I don't?

Sorry we couldn’t open <FileName>.pptx. My preferred way to work with Microsoft Office and SharePoint is to map a network drive to my client’s SharePoint site and treat the files as if they were on my local drive.

How To Disable Microsoft Office Upload Center. A plethora of tutorials to get you up to speed with Microsoft Word 2013

Some people are getting the Document cache error while playing with their favorite office application. Those who upgraded from the Office Technical Preview

Disable Upload Center Completely. Want to go beyond disabling the notification and shut down the Upload Center completely? The process varies depending on which version of Windows and Office you’re using, as Microsoft has made the feature complicated to disable.

Microsoft Office Upload Center is included in Microsoft Office. Learn how you can remove or disable the Office Upload Center & delete its Cache.

Long time Office users are probably well aware of Upload Center feature present in Microsoft Office 2010, Office 2013, and later versions.Those of you who are new to the word Upload Center probably familiar with the small Upload icon that appears in notification area of the taskbar.