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File Name: ocsetuphlp.dll

File Version:

File Location:%temp%\is-8k03k.tmp\ocsetuphlp.dll

Product Name: ocsetuphlp

Product Vendor: opencandy, inc.

Product Description: client library (p25)

What options do you have to get rid of "what is ocsetuphlp.dll" issue. In the majority of cases, the solution of what is ocsetuphlp.dll issue is to correctly reinstall particular software that is using this file on your PC, to the Windows system folder, or to the game or application installation folder.


Freemake Video Converter "ウイルス"現在の最新バージョン4.1.3をインストールしようとしたのですが、ファイルをコピーしているとくにウイルス対策対策ソフトが反応し、インストールが進むにつれて 増...


OpenCandy is an adware module classified as malware by many anti-virus vendors. They flag OpenCandy due to its undesirable side-effects. It is designed to run during installation of other desired software.


Gente, tube Catcher en realidad no tiene virus, pero si tiene malware, que de otra manera es un virus, el malware se encuentra en el dll "OCSetupHlp.dll" que lo que hace es instalar una barra de ...


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I was wondering the same thing. But I noticed the installer, installs everything into the 32 bit (x86) folder. It's obviously just for the convenience of sharing all the same library's/files between the 32 bit and 64 bit programs (because it still installs the 32 bit program.


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非対応vistaで試しました。 2018年3月現在も最新版 10.7.1ではセキュリティに引っかかる危ないものが存在するので使用は避けることをお勧めします。