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File Name: ogl.dll

File Version:

File Location:%systemdiskroot%\green\office 2007 sp3 3in1\office12\ogl.dll

Product Name: 2007 microsoft office system

Product Vendor: microsoft corporation2007 microsoft office system

Product Description: office graphics library

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Jan 22, 2014 · Programar gráficos en tercera dimensión no es difícil. Para ello existe la librería Java 3D con la que se pueden crear y manipular gráficos 3D


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Mar 14, 2017 · The update, KB3127958 (Ogl.dll), is not applicable to Office 2010 on Windows Vista and later versions of Windows because the vulnerable code is not present. **I am being offered this update for software that is not specifically indicated as being affected in the Affected Software and Vulnerability Severity Ratings table.


Oct 07, 2018 · Hi Judy. Lighting effects changed in Photoshop CC a few versions ago to make use of the 3D engine which in turn uses the GPU. Hence the advice to ensure your graphics card is capable and enabled.