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prl_umdd.dll Details:

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File Name: prl_umdd.dll

File Version:

File Location:%windir%\syswow64\prl_umdd.dll

Product Name: parallels tools 7.0

Product Vendor: parallels holdings, ltd. and its affiliates.

Product Description: parallels display driver

prl_umdd10.dll is part of Parallels Tools 10.1.1 and developed by Parallels Holdings, Ltd. and its affiliates. according to the prl_umdd10.dll version information. prl_umdd10.dll's description is " Parallels Display Driver " prl_umdd10.dll is digitally signed by Parallels, Inc..

What is prl_umdd.dll ? Part of Parallels Tools 8.0 by Parallels Holdings Ltd. and its affiliates. Download Boost and enjoy your PC. Speed up Parallels Tools 8.0 and optimize your PC.

prl_umdd.dll is loaded as dynamic link library that runs in the context of a process. The assembly utilizes the.NET run-time framework (which is required to be installed on the PC). The file is digitally signed by Parallels which was issued by the VeriSign certificate authority (CA).

Process Module - prl_np.dll is loaded as a DLL (dynamic link library) module within the process explorer.exe (Windows Explorer by Microsoft Corporation) via run-time dynamic linking. Parallels Tools 8.0 is loaded by: explorer.exe (Windows Explorer by Microsoft)

Hi, I have problem i can't play Aom in parallels 5 it give me Video Card 0: prl_umdd.dll Parallels Display Adapter (WDDM) Vendor(0x1AB8)...

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Terrible average bench The Parallels Display Adapter (WDDM) averaged 87.6% lower than the peak scores attained by the group leaders. This isn't a great result which indicates that there are much faster alternatives on the comparison list.