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File Name: stickynotes.exe

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File Location:%programfiles%\sticky-notes\stickynotes.exe

Product Name: sticky-notes

Product Vendor: Unknown

Product Description: sticky-notes

Windows 10, the latest and greatest iteration of the Windows Operating System, comes with two different internet browsers – Internet Explorer, the default Windows browsers we all know but don’t really love, and Microsoft Edge, a fast, more secure and simpler internet browser that Microsoft has developed to rival the

Información sobre el proceso/fichero stikynot.exe (Microsoft Sticky Notes): La tarea y archivo stikynot.exe es una implementación para Windows Vista de Microsoft Sticky Notes, permite recordatorios estilo post-it.

Sticky Notes is broken after the recent "creators update" on 4/11/17. Extremely annoyed to say the least. When I open sticky notes nothing appears... in task manager I can see the process running

Ummm, yea can you please re-state those instructions and include each and every step that you left out in this prior attempt. Please state what and where to do these things that you have written above, as they have absolutely no meaning as they are written.

クリックで拡大. Windows 10 での起動方法. Windows 10 にも付箋機能は実装されていますが、「Window アクセサリ」からはなくなっています。