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File Name: ifsutil.dll

File Version: 5.1.2600.0

File Location:%sysdir%\ifsutil.dll

Product Name: microsoft® windows® operating system

Product Vendor: microsoft corporation

Product Description: ifs utility dll

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Windows 操作系统的系统文件夹。是操作系统的神经中枢。文件夹中包含了大量的用于Windows操作系统的文件。这里主要用于存储 DLL 文件,控制面板小程序(.CPL), 设备驱动 (.drv),帮助文件 (.hlp 和 .cnt), MS-DOS 工具 (.com),语言支持文件 (.nls),屏幕保护 (.scr),安装信息文件 (.inf),以及其它用于支持、配置 ...


Hi, I have 10 days old HP Z2 G4 workstation with windows 10 64 bit workstation, couple of days back i noticed the fan speed is high (Noisy), strange thing is when i open the task manager the CPU usage drops from upto 65% to 1% to 5%, I have scanned with Malwarebyte (enabling Scan for rootkits and...


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