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File Name: setup100.exe

File Version: 10.50.1600.1

File Location:%systemdiskroot%\79e7698b9abe49893838\x86\setup100.exe

Product Name: microsoft sql server

Product Vendor: microsoft corporation

Product Description: managed sql server installer

Jan 06, 2018 · Description of the security update for SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 GDR: January 6, 2018 Summary. Microsoft is aware of detailed information that has been published about a class of vulnerabilities referred to as speculative execution side-channel attacks.

Jun 14, 2016 · After about 5 hours of troubleshooting, I found out the cause was not that setup was being denied access to a registry key (at least from what I saw being generated by Procmon from Setup100.exe) - it seemed to just not like me having the Setup executable or the database engine running as NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE.